Digital Wealth Advisor

The coronavirus pandemic has left quite a physical and financial toll on Americans. Business stoppages and shutdowns are forcing individuals and families to dip into their savings and retirement plans to survive financially.

At the same time, those seeking financial guidance are, in many cases, were unable to visit their wealth management firm to adapt and plan for the future. As a result, we as a wealth management companies have adapted to the changes and offer clients digital alternatives to access their financial wealth advisors.

Financial Planning from a Distance

These past couple of years have brought change to the way all of us do, well, just about everything, including financial planning. Looking Glass Financial Services recognizes the fact that many of our clients may prefer “digital wealth advisors”, and we’re meeting the challenge head-on.

We can serve you wherever you are. There’s no need to come into the office, we can do everything remotely.

As we’ve moved through the pandemic, safety needs and preferences have changed accordingly. Many advisors are beginning to or have returned to their offices. On the other hand, many clients are still reluctant to leave their homes for non-essential activities.

Though we are open for in-office appointments, we can set up digital appointments and meet you from home or wherever you happen to be. We can help you update your retirement plans, get you back on track, or even help you stabilize and prepare for the next catastrophic event should it ever happen.

Why Us?

We offer our SMART 4 Wealth Planning Process to all our clients and we can provide all our services to you in the comfort of your home. The process focuses on five essential strategies that can construct the optimal financial plan: retirement income strategies, investment strategies, healthcare strategies, tax strategies, and legacy strategies.

We believe that what sets us apart from other wealth advisory companies is that we are client-focused. We’re a fiduciary financial firm which means we hold ourselves to a higher standard of care. We are bound by duty and by our own ethics to put our clients’ interests above all else in everything we do. We also have “upside-down mountain” thinking, which means we help people look at their finances with a new perspective that allows them to transform their financial futures.

Are you ready to get started? Call us at 517-719-5421 to set up your free wealth discovery meeting. We can meet you remotely to help you plan your future in a convenient and safe manner.